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Doherty Woodshavings Antrim Junior Championship Semi Final

Dunloy 8-13 Loughgiel 2-04


Going on league form Dunloy entered this game as favourites having defeated Loughgiel on both occasions this season however whenever both sides meet form goes out the window, especially whenever it is championship camogie.

As with every derby game between the sides it started at a frantic pace with both sides going hammer and tong into every tackle. Loughgiel were the first to draw blood by finding the net inside 2 mins of the game. A speculative shot dropped short and ended up being forced into the net to give Loughgiel an early boost. Dunloy settled themselves down shortly after with Lauren Elliott splitting the posts. The same player reduced the gap to bring Dunloy back to a point only for another defensive mistake to cost Dunloy a goal.

Similar to the first goal a long shot ended up in the box and the Loughgiel forward bundled it into the net to leave the score 2-00 to 0-02. This was the last defensive mistake Dunloy’s back line made the whole game as from this point they tightened up to snuff out the attacks.

Dunloy were starting to pile the pressure on in attack and it wasn’t long before they found the net. A good save by the Loughgiel keeper resulted in the ball being spilled into the box. Corner forward Mary Martin pounced to fire it home. This gave Dunloy the boost they needed and not long after the same player found the net again. Following good work in the back line by Fiona Hills, Mary McToal fired a ball into the corner for Mary Martin to turn he marker and fire low into the net.

With the score now 2-02 to 2-00 in Dunloy’s favour they had the wind in their sails. Loughgiel refused however to lie down and fired over a free for this to be cancelled out by Lauren Elliott (2), Mary McToal and Mary Martin to leave the score at 2-06 to 2-03 to Dunloy. With the first half drawing to an end a ball into the ball by half back Caoimhe Quinn gave Mary Martin another shot at goal. This was blocked down but Jacinta Dixon collected the break to fire low and hard to the net.

At the half time whistle Dunloy went in the happier on a score line of 3-06 to 2-03.

The second half saw Loughgiel start with real intent by piling the pressure on the backs from word go. For the first 5 mins of the half it was a battle of both midfields and backs as each side repelled each other’s attacks. Lisa McConville, Fiona Hills and Caoimhe Conlon cleared their lines repeatedly along with Dearbhaill Elliott and Kirstin Ingram in the middle of the park to keep the Loughgiel forwards out.

Lauren Elliot again settled the nerves that were out there by splitting the posts for her fifth point of the game. Loughgiel replied to leave the score 3-07 to 2-04 with a point of their own. It would turn out to be their final score as the Dunloy back line shut them out completely from this point onwards.

Mary Martin once again proved to be a thorn in the Loughgiel back line by claiming her hat-trick of goals.  Fiona Hills & Orlagh O’Neill battled hard to win the ball and clear down the line to Mary McToal. Her ball into the box was picked up by Mary Martin and the corner forward didn’t need a second invitation as she hammered it home.

Dunloy tails were up and they started to knock over some fine scores. First from Frances McMahon from wide left, next from Mary McToal and again another peach of a score from Frances to give Dunloy a 4-10 to 2-04 lead. Dunloy weren’t content to rest on this score and went on a goal blitz with a rocket from midfielder Dearbhaill Elliott. Frances McMahon fed Lisa McGuckian who laid off for the midfielder to lift the net from close range for a well-deserved score.

Goals from Mary Martin and two from Lauren Elliott along with 3 points made the score Dunloy 8-13 Loughgiel 2-04.

In what was a fine team performance from Dunloy it has shown the continued development of the young girls that they have reached the county final for the first time since 2013. With only 1 defeat in the league they are full of confidence and it was evident in this performance.

From the backs to the forwards it was a night to remember. Every one of them can be happy with their nights work in what was a real team effort.

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